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Used to be the fabric producer for several years back to 1980's, The Hebei Tongtai Infant Apparel Company was established in early 1986, through professional experiences and high tech International CAD design system / automatic cutting and excellent sewing equipments  as well as harmonically  scientific management to provide constant innovation to the market, building up the "TongTai" brand image among the critic royal and new consumers. The company has  been certified with ISO 9001 and ISO14001 environmentally friendly  system certification.

The company now occupies 100 acres, more than 3,000 employees, at the present, the daily production is around 86,000 pieces of products, has become a modern and huge scale enterprise nowadays,  meanwhile, the company is expanding its factory capacity to 6,000 employees, in order to satisfy all orders from current buyers. Fine products quality, strict management and honest business principle defined the power of a solid sales network.

Caring & creating the future for all children is the main philosophy of the company. Natural, Modern and Healthy are the ultimate requests of being a professional leading brand in the market. Using pure natural cotton, non-hazardous materials, plus fresh, elegant, mild color range, and focus on the details such as softness, warm and other good characteristics, products are designed by professional Italian designers as well as advanced cutting, fine sewing craftsmanship, letting your babies enjoy completely the comfort cares.

In 2012, the company enters the international market, to the multi-cultural tropical paradise - The Malaysia. Bringing higher quality, modern and variety baby products to this blessed soil.  Spreading through Malaysia the Tong Tai culture, into every corner on earth, giving joy to our world with maximum effort.


Italian Inspiration

I am Giovanni Argenterio, and i am the manager of the Italian Tongtai Fashion Design Office. Our team has composed by different people with different tastes and responsibility, the art director works together with the graphic experts to find the best styles and quality. We are also responsible for the published images, photos shooting and collection images.

The main theme of Tongtai this year is to design a collection based on the harmony between the Western taste and the extraordinary Oriental Philosophy.

We work in Italy, a few kilometers away from the most important fashion city in the World, the Milano.
From here we have the chance to absorb the latest fashion trends which connect to our culture and to be inspired.
Research and great attention to details are the next step after inspiration, they give birth to our styles.

A part of our Spring/Summer collection was based on a research we made on the secret language of flowers, for example :
Do you know that lemon means Enthusiasm ?
Lemon flower means Moderation ?
Daisy mean Innocence ?
And the Peach Flower means “You are more beautiful than anyone else” ?

During these phases, the communication with Tongtai HQ is crucial and must be well-organized. The team inside the HQ factory is professional and devoted to this project.
They work hard to satisfy all our requests and fulfill our projects.
This communication is improved by our frequent journeys to Asia which allows us to understand better the needs of the asia children.

Thanks to this harmonious union of efforts, our styles are finally produced using the best and latest technology.

The result is amazing.


Strasbourg • Paris • Vence • Tongtai
She is a Pediatrician who has been graduated from the Faculty of Strasbourg which is located at the Northern France in 1975. Following by the Pediatrics Specialist Study at the Medical Faculty of Paris in 1981. During that time, she has completed her first internship in the “Necker Sick Children Hospital" and another internship at the Hospital Saint Vincent de Paul.

In 1982, she setup her own liberal pediatrics studio in Vence.Meanwhile, she was the reference doctor of a Child Care Centre for 18 years.

She was also the prime consultant of “Mother & Children Care association” for over 10 years in France.

She, is Madam AMBACHER Catherine.


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